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Industrial Property Types: Factory

Article: what factories are and their needs as industrial buildings.

A factory is a place where goods are manufactured. They range in size from single-person workshops to large industrial complexes with tens of thousands of workers.

Oil refinery factory at Night

Industrial Property: Factory

While a factory can be any size, the term is usually used to refer to larger manufacturing facilities with at least a few dozen workers. Factories may be:

  • Producing parts, finished goods, food products or any other item
  • Mechanized to a certain degree
  • Highly organized
    • Typically using some form of production line
  • Focused on high throughput
  • Mass producing identical items
  • Part of a for-profit business
  • In areas where the cheapest labor with the necessary skills is available

Factories produce most of the items for sale around the world. They make everything from cakes to cars, baby bottles to bombs and antibiotics to asphalt.

Production lines (where each worker does one task, a small part of the overall process) and mechanization have reduced the skills and training needed for workers to make many goods. As a result, factories are often found where labor is cheapest.

Factories are typically for-profit enterprises, and routinely try to cut costs. In countries with high wages, factories are typically highly mechanized however in countries with low wages factory owners may find it more economical to hire people than buy machines. As a result, many people in the world work long hours doing hard manual labor for low wages in poor conditions.

Needs of factories


While factories are very different, their common needs include:

  • Transport links
  • Storage for raw materials and finished goods
  • Workforce nearby
  • Facilities for workers
  • Space and power for machinery
  • Water for various industrial processes
  • Waste disposal

Types of factories


More information is available on this site about the following kinds of factories:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Refineries
  • Mills
  • Breweries

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