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Best of Europe: property markets revealed

Best of Europe: property markets revealed.

Best of Europe: property markets revealed

Find out which property markets in Europe have the best on offer.

Despite the eurozone crisis, some European markets still offer plenty of opportunity when it comes to property investment.


1 London
The quintessential safe haven, it has outperformed the rest of the UK and continues to be a destination of choice of foreign sovereign funds.


2 Paris 
Limited supply – and the irresistible lure of Parisian lifestyle – makes this market a pricey one.


3 Cannes 
Glitzy and hedonistic, properties in this southern French city have always been in high demand.


4 Cambridge 
Quaint and classic, houses in this famed English college town are a safe bet, and even predicted to post high price increases over the next five years, said Savills.


5 Quinta do Lago/Vale de Lobo
Golf courses, gorgeous beaches and wealthy owners keep the wheels turning in this chic Portuguese resort town.


6 Balearic Islands

With many parts of Spain a mess, the Balearics are a good bet. Think great mix of scenery, lifestyle and climate, plus all-night partying.






7 Geneva

Though expensive, properties here are protected from the woes of the eurozone and will get the added benefit of quaint Swiss alpine tourism and strong economy.


8 Gibraltar

It suffered like Spain, but prices have started to come up again. An attractive tax regime makes this market irresistible to foreign investors.


9 Florence

As always, Tuscany has always been a huge favourite. Where else will you find a Renaissance masterpiece every five paces?


10 Sardinia

Protected from the woes of mainland Europe, prices on this gorgeous island are among the highest in the Mediterranean. The usual words of caution when buying in Italy still apply, though.


11 Corfu

Compared with the rest of Greece, Corfu’s market has been more of comedic than tragic, with demand for holiday or second homes as high as ever, especially upscale ones with sea views.


12 Vienna

Similar to Paris, limited supply makes this city a safe bet. In fact, Austrian prices rose more than 10% in 2012.




13 Barcelona

The overall Spanish market is not in a good shape, but as with any recession, there are bargains to be found here, especially for buyers looking to take a longer-term view.


14 Venice

It remains one of the most desirable cities in the world, and properties here are not cheap as they come with magnificent and beautiful surroundings.


15 Guernsey

Stable best describes this market. No dramatic rises, but no dramatic decline either.


16 Monaco

Though prices plunge by up to 35% after the crash in 2008, property prices have started to climb. Plus a glitzy international appeal means in the medium- to long-term investment should be safe.


17 Berlin

This once-divided city is quickly catching up with Germany’s thriving economy. Data show that values rose more than 10% in 2012.


18 Bath

Land Registry figures show that prices in Bath and North Somerset rose 9% in 2012. Buyers still like a quiet, rural feel after all.


19 Malta

With tourism increasing, its economy is in a good shape, which makes properties here a safe investment in the long term.


20 Montenegro

Clearly an outsider, this young market has not suffered the same corrections as Croatia and Italy. Prices have gained 5% in 2012 in super prime areas, according to Savills.



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