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The future of property investment

What does the future hold?

  • Hopefully, knowledge for individuals based on risk/yield/holding power awareness not listening to performance paid brokers.
  • Global levels of certification for interaction with buyers, in the same way that we have international Health and Safety regulations for construction to ensure the safety of the end-user.
  • For the big boys, awareness of how property investment alters the entire market from a corporate head office in the city trickling down to affordable housing and the ability of people to lead their lives.
  • Sustainability is touted by so many people as a buzz word that I hate to use it but as my old boss used to say, you have to leave enough meat on the bone in any sale that everyone has an exit strategy.
  • Construction methods and design, how will new materials hitting the market effect design and usage? How tall can we build? How small can we get away with?Who should be deciding the future?

• Investing in property is to use your resources to provide a resource for someone else for a consideration, this is a responsibility.

  • So what should the government be doing? ‘Nothing’ I hear shouted from many corners, the free market is great! The last 5 years may have just be a glitch in the system but the hardship and setbacks in global development could probably have been avoided.
  • Developers are ‘in it’ for only one reason yield! Does that make them right? Most are only thinking as far as the sale and those who tout long term responsibility are usually only jumping on the band wagon of the latest trend, which again only has a limited time span.

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